Embedded Systems Project 2011
Embedded Systems Project 2011

About the course

The goal of this course is to help students understand the world of embedded computer systems. Usually participants are information and electrical engineering students who are specialized in software and system design. Most attention has been given to elementary hardware design skills because these skills are the ones students often lack. This course is structured as a guided walk through the embedded system design process.

The course is realized as a project-assignment that requires approximately 120-160 hours from a team of three students during a single term.

Required components are provided by course, but with maximum cost limits. If you want to have the device to yourself after course, you must buy the components.


This year, the groups can choose one of following topics:
  • Sensor data logger and analyser
  • Blobo-clone
  • Virtual pet (Tamagotchi-like)
  • Own topic


    The course work is divided into several phases. In each phase the students must proceed with certain tasks in the project, and then attend a meeting with assistant. In the meetings the assistant will check your work so far, and give advice for the following part. Everything begins in the opening lecture, where you can sign up for the course, and you get a brief introduction to the course work and some general advice. From that point on, you will proceed by doing the tasks required for the next phase, and then booking a time to meet the assistant in order to proceed to the next phase.

    Important dates:

    Course starting lecture: 22.9. 15:00-16:00 PR102

    Last date to sign up: 30.10. from here

    Deadline for phase 1 (Specifications) is 15.11.

    The deadline for complete the project is 31.01.2012.

    If the students miss the deadline, they must apply for a new deadline. Missing deadline will drop the grade by at least 0.5 pts. Depending on the groups situation, the accurate grade drop is negotiable. This system should encourage the groups to determine a new well thought deadline if the first one is missed.


    Grading is based on