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RAIPPA - Remote Automat In Programming Pre-exercise Assignments

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RAIPPA is an interactive website that allows the student to complete a number of given exercises before being able to register to a laboratory exercise. It provides interactive guidance and hints to each question given and attempts to make the self-learning experience as producing and succesfull as possible. Another introduction to RAIPPA can be found in the RAIPPA introduction poster.

Table of Contents

Courses available

  • 521267A Tietokonetekniikka or Computer Engineering (formerly known as 521415A Tietokonetekniikka I or Computer Engineering I)
    The laboratories are held during February and March and the prelabs for each year are published in the beginning of January.
  • 521482A Ohjelmointityö or Programming exercise.
    The second course to be made available via the RAIPPA system, the questions contain a series of preparational and check-up questions and the signup forms for the review sessions.
  • 521276P Ohjelmoinnin perusteet C-kielellä or Basics of programming in C.
    As a major change in engineering curriculum in Oulu, the introductory programming teaching has been moved from the TOL department to the electrical and information engineering department. The ohjelmoinnin perusteet c-kielellä -course contains a set of exercises in the RAIPPA system. These exercises help the student to learn and train the basic syntax of C programming.


Log in to the RAIPPA system using the form below:

Student number:

There were some database problems with RAIPPA in 2008-03-28. The database is now fixed. If you encounter any problems please contact tkt1 @ ee . oulu . fi

Forgot your password?

If you forgot your password (and lost the email in which it was sent), enter your student number below, click the button and a new password will be sent to you.

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In order to use the system, you need to register. For registration, you need a valid paju.oulu.fi or ee.oulu.fi email address (others simply won't do), to which your password will be sent. After a succesfull registration, you will receive an email that gives you your password.

Fill in the following form to register yourself to the RAIPPA exercise system:

First name  
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Study subject: Use:
TT = tietotekniikka (computer science/information engineering)
ST = Sähkötekniikka (electrical engineering)
Inf = Informaatioverkostot (information networks)
Ele = Elektroniikka (electronics)
TL = Tietoliikennetekniikka (telecommunications)
TuTa = Tuotantotalous (industrial engineering and management)
For others, write full subject.
Year of enrollment: Use full year, for example, "2001"
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