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Information Networks degree program

The aim of the degree program is to educate Masters of Science in Technology to a field that combines high technology, such as information systems, content production technology and service systems as well as business mechanisms in a new way. Because of the diversity of the field, education has emphasis on economic sciences, electronic and mobile commerce, content and mobile technology for digital media.

The education provides good possibilities to advance into challenging consulting and managerial tasks. In addition to logical and applied knowledge, communication and organisation skills are emphasised. Focus is techno-economic, and the degree program strives to respond to the future challenges in a novel way. Part of the studies can be performed abroad. There is a need for people having this kind of education in the working life.

Oulu is one of the most prominent centres for mobile information technology. The co-operation between the university and companies is very fruitful. The Information Networks in the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, in the Faculty of Technology, is the choice for those who want to master both technical and economic mechanisms, and thus have a deep understanding of the new economy.

At least 30 percent of the students are selected based on their certificate of matriculation and part of them based on an entrance examination. In the examination you have to participate in mathematics and either in physics or chemistry exam. About 30 students will be selected. In year 2004, one third of the selected student were female.

Information Networks students work experiences (in Finnish)

Degree program orientation

  • Techniques for Information Networks

  • This degree program orientation provides preparedness for design and implementation of content technologies that utilize information networks. In the studies multimedia, embedded media processing techniques and information network are looked from the perspective of the requirements in digital media applications. Studenst are provided with good skills and knowhow for the area of design, organization and applying networked media technologies.
  • Information Network Systems

  • This degree program orientation provides preparedness for modelling and desing of demaning information and communication systems and understanding related business cases. The design and understanding of technology and service platforms is emphasized as part of the wide scale system architectures of information networks. Also for the content technologies good informational basis is provided. Studenst are provided with good skills and knowhow for networked technologies and applications that utilize information and multimedia.
  • Service Business for Information networks

  • This degree program orientation provides preparedness for business oriented content solutions, mobile and nomadic communication service and models planning, development and utilization in novel service platforms and applications. Studenst are provided with good skills and knowhow for developing and modelling technology to services in networked environmenst, such as mobile communication systems.

    The following picture illustrates the focus areas of the informatio networks degree program orientation fields in comparison to other degree programs locally and nationally that are providing education with combined technoly and business aspects. Information networks study programs is distinquished by stronger emphsis on technology and services in comparison to others. Degree program provides extended knowledge in economics and communication skills than the other degree programs in the electrical and information engineering field.

  • More detailed description of the degree programs can be read from the study guides. Unfortunately these are mainly in Finnish at the moment. See also Department ECTS guide (pdf).

Admissions to degree program

Basic studies

Postgraduate studies

  • Instructions
  • Postgraduate book exams, Spring 2007:
    • Tue 22.5. B201 MAHMOUD, O.: MIDDLEWARE FOR COMMUNICATIONS 3,5 ov/6,0 op John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken NJ, 2004, 487 p. Written exam in department exam hall.
    • Fri 25.5. B200 KOIVUKOSKI, U. ja RÄISÄNEN, Vilho: MANAGING MOBILE SERVICES: 1,5 ov/2,5 op Wiley, Hoboken, NJ, 2005, 237 p. Written exam in department exam hall.
    Also the masters students who want to make postgraduate studies in advance can participate. However, these credits can be only included to a licentiate or doctoral degree.

    Registration to book exams by sending e-mail to professor due Wednesday of the exam week.