Infotech Oulu 

Workshop on Texture Analysis in Machine Vision

June 14 - 15, 1999

Final program
Monday, June 14
08:30  Opening of the registration
09:30- 10:00  Opening and Introduction
M Pietikäinen and T Ojala (Finland), 
"Nonparametric texture analysis with complementary spatial operators".
10:00-10:20 Coffee
10:20-11:20 Medical Applications (Chairman: J Röning)
A Materka, M  Strzelecki, R Lerski and L Schad (Poland, United Kingdom, Germany), 
"Feature evaluation of texture test objects for magnetic resonance imaging".
P C Yuen, Z Y Kuang, W Wu and Y T Wu (Hong Kong, China), 
"Tongue texture analysis using Gabor wavelet opponent colour features for tongue diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine".
A Materka, P Cichy and J Tuliszkiewicz (Poland), 
"Texture analysis of X-ray images for detection of changes in bone mass and structure".
11:30-12:30 Plenary Session (Chairman: M Pietikäinen)
R Chellappa (USA), 
"Three decades of texture analysis: accomplishments and disappointments".
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:50 Applications in Industrial Inspection (Chairman: O Silvén)
O Silvén (Finland), 
"Applying texture analysis for industrial inspection".
M Schael and H Burkhardt (Germany), 
"Automatic detection of errors on textures using invariant grey scale features and polynomial classifiers".
J Iivarinen (Finland), 
"Unsupervised segmentation of surface defects with simple texture measures".
D Telfer (UK), 
"Angular  texture discrimination of woodgrain imagery using a directionally selective local feature statistics operator".
15:00-15:40 3D Texture (Chairman: J Röning)
D Chetverikov and Z Földvári  (Hungary), 
"Regularity based texture classification invariant under orthographic projection".
M Soriano, T Ojala and M Pietikäinen (Finland, Philippines), 
"Robustness of Local Binary Pattern (LBP) operators  to tilt-compensated textures".
15:40-16:00 Coffee
16:00-17:00 Soft-Computing Methods (Chairman: T Ojala)
A Stolpmann and  L S Dooley (Germany,  UK, Australia), 
"A texture classification system using statistical and soft-computing methods".
M Ollila, A Jackson and A Ardiri (Sweden), 
"Combining analysis and synthesis of textures for the animation industry".
K Moscinska and G Tyma (Poland), 
"Texture segmentation based on the uniformity testing and neural networks postprocessing".
17:10-18:10 Machine Vision and Media Processing Research in Oulu: Demonstrations
20:00-00:10 Midnight-Sun Party

Tuesday, June 15
08:30 Opening of the registration
09:00-10:20 Applications in Retrieval and Document Analysis (Chairman: T Ojala)
S Aksoy and R M Haralick (USA), 
"Using texture in image similarity and retrieval".
W K Leow and S Y Lai (Singapore), 
"Invariant matching of texture for content-based image retrieval".
G D Finlayson, G Y Tian (UK), 
"Investigating colour texture similarity".
O Okun and M Pietikäinen (Finland, Belarus), 
"A survey of texture-based methods for document layout analysis".
10:20-10:40 Coffee
10:40-11:40 Plenary Session (Chairman: M Pietikäinen)
A K Jain (USA), 
"Texture analysis of fingerprint images".
11:50-12:50 Methods (Chairman: O Silvén)
S Battiato and G Gallo (Italy), 
"Multi-resolution clustering of texture images".
H Rehrauer (Switzerland), 
"Selecting scales for texture models".
V Botchko, S  Nakauchi, J Parkkinen and H Kälviäinen (Finland, Japan), 
"Virtual coloring of texture".
12:50-14:00 Lunch
14:00-16:00 Panel (Chairman: T Ojala) 
"Future Directions of Texture Analysis" 
16:00-16:05 Closing Remarks

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